Limited edition Sushi candy original gift bag

Look at this cute Sumo wrestler face design bag! Ideal gift for Christmas, Halloween, birthday, and so on. 

It contains following items

  • Umaibou corn snack Mentai (Spicy cod roe) flavor
  • Umaibou corn snack Takoyaki (Octopus ball) flavour
  • Sour paper candy Long sour paper candy cola flavour
  • Pachi Pachi Panic crackling candy cola flavour
  • Kuppy ramune
  • Sharbet pero Lollipop with powder
  • Niginigi osushiyasan Sushi shaped gummy candy
  • Cabbage taro Round shaped savoury snack with seaweed
  • Watagum Soda Fluffy cotton candy turns into gum
  • Mochi Taro Rice cracker (contain nuts)

*The colour of ribbon might be changed

Type: Gift

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