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About Us

We are a Japanese company who would like to make people enjoy the yummy traditional and unique Japanese sweets & candy.
Our company's mission is to spread "Okashi" concept around the world.
Okashi means goodies such as candy and snack. Japanese Okashi is famouse around the world but it is not possible to discuss Japanese okashi without referring to "Dagashi". Dagashi is Japanese candy and snacks usually sold in a small shop run as a family business and with a strong connection with the local community especially with the local kids.
There are so many kinds of variety that can be bought include candy, chocolates, chewing gum, cakes, juice powders that you dissolve in water to make juice, rice crackers, flavored squid, and more and usually they are affordable price for kids. The fun part is not just enjoying the taste but also selecting from among a lot of Dagashi.
We would like to share this joyfulness with people outside Japan too. We are sure you will enjoy them and be able to find your favourite one!

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