1. Where do you ship?

>>We ship worldwide. (*Due to corona virus pandemic, there is an issue with the international delivery so we limit countries to ship temporarily as of February 2021)

2. How much is delivery cost?


3. How long does it take to receive the item?

>>Depends on which country you are and the season of the year but usually it takes 10-20 business days. It could be a bit longer for some countries and it might take more than a month due to customs clearance.

4. Can I add tracking number?

>>It costs extra fee but it's possible. Please contact us for further information.

5. Do you include an invoice with the item?

>>A lot of our customers purchase our items for a gift so normally we do not include it but if you would like to receive it, please contact us. We could also send it by email.

6. How to read expiry dates?

>>Year/Month/Date <e.g. 2016.08.26>.

7. It took more than 15 days but I haven't received my box. What can I do?

>>It happens this sometimes unfortunately. Usually this happens due to 1) wrong address, 2) buyer's absence and 3) taking time to customs clearance.

1) If the box returns to us, we can resend but shipping cost must be at buyer's expense.

2) Please contact your local post office. They might keep your box. When it pasts the storage period at the post office, it will be returned to us.

*Link to overseas Post offices as below

UK: http://www.parcelforce.com/

Germany: http://www.dhl.de/en.html

France: http://www.chronopost.fr/fr

Spain: http://www.correos.es/ss/Satellite/site/pagina-inicio/sidioma=es_ES

Austria: https://www.post.at/en/index.php

Italy: http://www.poste.it/

USA: https://www.usps.com/

Canada: https://www.canadapost.ca/web/en/home.page

Australia: https://auspost.com.au/

3) Unfortunately, we are unable to help you on this matter. Customs clearance processing time varies from country to country. If you are worried to receive your box, we recommend you to add a tracking number, which cost additionally. Please contact us directly regarding further information.

If you don't receive your box, please contact us within 2 months of your order.

8. Can I return my box for a refund?

>>We are unable to accept returns or offer exchanges as it is an edible product.

9. Is this a subscription box?

>>No. Our items are not subscription box.

10. Will I receive exactly the same items as shown in the photos?

>>Yes. But please be aware that items might be changed without notice due to stock or production reason.

11. Can I order chocolate during summer?

>>Yes, you can but it may melt during the delivery. It will come back to solid at room temperature or in the refrigerator if it's too hot. If there are some grey streaks on the bar, or the chocolate turned white-ish or grey-ish, fear not. That’s called chocolate bloom, and it’s not harmful in terms of food safety but we recommend you to consume as soon as possible.