10 items set
10 items set
10 items set
10 items set

10 items set

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This set includes 10 savory and sweet items, which is nice to start for those who have never tried Japanese treats before!

  1. Nericcho soft strawberry flavor: Add 2 spoons of water to the powder, mix to make a foamy ice cream. You can then scoop it onto the cone and you’ve created your mini ice cream on a cone
  2. Mini bottled ramune: Bottled powder ramune candy
  3. Melon pandaro: Melon butter flavor panda face shaped biscuit
  4. Pachi pachi panic cola: Cola popping candies mixed with ramune fizzy tablets. They start to fizz as soon as when they dissolve in one's mouth
  5. Sherbet pero soda: Soda flavoured lollipop with dipping sugar
  6. Pukupuku tai: Fish shaped airy wafer cake shell
  7. Porickey BBQ: Pretzel BBQ flavor
  8. Mini monster: Fruity soft candy
  9. Sakuranbo mochi: Cherry flavoured candy made from rice cake
  10. Kuppy ramune: Little round shaped ramune candy Quickly dissolved in one's mouth. Orange, lemon and strawberry flavour