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10 Japanese Candy DAGASHI Subscription box

10 Pieces Japanese  DAGASHI Set Subscription (You can choose 1, 3 or 6  month subscription)

The 6 month subscription box is a very good deal!  


The SEPTEMBER 10 pieces DAGASHI set includes:  


  1. Umaibou Corn snack Corn potage flavor
  2. Umaibou Corn snack Takoyaki(Octopus ball) flavor
  3. Donguri gum Chwing gum grape flavor (Candy turns into gum)
  4. Halloween poteco Corn ring snack chestnut & pumpkin potage flavor
  5. Tanenashi hoshiume Dried plum without seed
  6. Ginger flavour candy
  7. Yakisoba san taro Crispy noodles
  8. Yaki sauce Roasted rice cracker brown sauce flavor
  9. Ichigo daihuku Marshmallow filled with strawberry paste
  10. Awa soda ramune Soda bubble ramune

*Item is subject to change without notice due to production reason.

Type: Monthly set

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