20 Japanese Candy DAGASHI Subscription box

20 Pieces Japanese  DAGASHI Set Subscription (You can choose 1, 3 or 6  month subscription)

The 6 month subscription box is a very good deal! 


The January 20 pieces DAGASHI set includes:  


  1. Yakisoba san taro Crispy noodles
  2. Ikasuze Cod crisps
  3. Ippuku ume Dried Plum Vanilla flavor
  4. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Cheese flavour
  5. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Mentai (Spicy cod roe) flavor
  6. Calvi taro Made from minced fish bone-less short rib flavor
  7. Tirol Choco Chocolate with Biscuits
  8. Ichigo soft Ice cream shaped marshmallow with Strawberry
  9. Orange candy
  10. Cider ball ramune
  11. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Chicken curry
  12. Umaibou Savoury snack Prawn mayonnaise flavor
  13. Almond chewing gum
  14. Banana chocolate
  15. Sauce senbei Thin rice cracker with brown sauce
  16. Umai tama Mini cream puffs
  17. Aji curry Rice cracker curry flavor
  18. Tamanegisan taro Onion flavoured snack
  19. Sugata fri Fried squid
  20. Grape marble chewing gum

*Item is subject to change without notice due to production reason.

Type: Monthly set

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