20 Japanese Candy DAGASHI Subscription box

20 Pieces Japanese  DAGASHI Set Subscription (You can choose 1, 3 or 6  month subscription)

The 6 month subscription box is a very good deal! 


The AUGUST 20 pieces DAGASHI set includes:  


  1. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Mentai (Spicy cod roe)
  2. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Beef tongue
  3. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Teriyaki flavor
  4. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Cheese flavour
  5. Yuzu koshou senbei Rice cracker with Olive oil & condiment paste made from yuzu zest and chili peppers
  6. Little gang Popping candies
  7. Pine ramune Ramune pineapple flavor
  8. Ebikko Prown salt crisps
  9. Marshroo Pudding Marshmallow caramel custard flavor
  10. Awadama Cider candy
  11. Kuro bee gum Black tongue chewing gum Grape flavor
  12. Milk tea candy
  13. Age ichiban Rice cracker with soya honey.
  14. Noir  Soft cookie chestnut cake flavour
  15. Marshroo Twisted marshmallow stick
  16. Hiehiekko gum Cool chewing gum
  17. Milk balls snack
  18. Strawberry marble chewing gum
  19. Ninjin arare Carrot shaped sweet rice crackers
  20. Baby star crispy noodle

*Item is subject to change without notice due to production reason.

Type: Monthly set

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