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20 Japanese Candy DAGASHI Subscription box

20 Pieces Japanese  DAGASHI Set Subscription (You can choose 1, 3 or 6  month subscription)

The 6 month subscription box is a very good deal! 


The DECEMBER 20 pieces DAGASHI set includes:  


  1. Umaibou Savoury corn snack cinnamon apple flavor
  2. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Beef tongue
  3. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Salad flavor
  4. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Yakitori flavor
  5. Sudako san taro Dried minced fish octopus vinegar flavour
  6. Ichigo daihuku Marshmallow filled with strawberry paste
  7. Sylveine Mini chocolate cake
  8. Noir Crunchy chocolate
  9. Chocobou Chocolate coated corn stick
  10. Crispy Chocolate rice cereal
  11. Peanut cream candy
  12. Tirol choco Mini biscuit chocolate
  13. Kozakana to Almond senbei Rice cracker with fish and almond
  14. Sharbet pero Lollipop with cola powder
  15. Awadama Cola flavoured candy
  16. Bakauke Rice cracker prawn flavour
  17. One piece chewing gum
  18. Osatsu snack Sweet potato snack
  19. Ume no kamaki Rice cracker with seaweed and plum
  20. Puchi Puchi uranai ramune Mini ramune balls


*Item is subject to change without notice due to production reason.

Type: Monthly set

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