30 items set
30 items set
30 items set
30 items set
30 items set

30 items set

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This set includes 30 savory and sweet items, which is nice to share with 2 or 3 people.

  1. Tirol Chocolate: Japanese chocolate candy with Biscuits
  2. Kinako mochi: Round shaped fluffy Japanese rice crackers roasted soy beans flavor
  3. Choco daihuku : Mini marshmallow filled with chocolate a real gourmet marshmallow
  4. Pokemon chewing gum: Bubble gum with pikachu
  5. Awadama Cider : Traditional Japanese hard candy
  6. Uni mochi : Senbei sea urchin flavor
  7. Ume no kamaki: Brown rice cracker with nori seaweed & soya sauce flavor
  8. Makengumi Mini : Jelly candy rock-paper-scissors shaped
  9. Umaibou :Japanese corn puffed snack prawn mayonnaise flavor
  10. Umaibou: Japanese corn puffed snack cinnamon apple flavor
  11. Ebisen : Prown crackers
  12. Home pie: Butter biscuits
  13. Roanne: Thin biscuits with vanilla cream
  14. Konpeito:Konpeito candy (Sugar candy)
  15. Hello kitty lollipop: Peach flavour
  16. Wasabinori Taro: Made from minced fish seaweed with wasabi flavor
  17. Winnie the pooh marshmallow: Strawberry stuffed marshmallow
  18. Fugashi: Brown sugar fluffy dried wheat sweets
  19. Kit kat mini: Matcha flavor (Green tea kit kat)
  20. Un choco: Animal poop chocolate (Surprise which animal you will receive)
  21. Ume mints: Umeboshi (Plum) flavored mini candy
  22. Crayon shin chan anime Chocobi ramune : Ramune cocoa flavor
  23. Yakisoba yasan taro : Crispy fried ramen noodles
  24. Potato fry: Fried chicken flavored potato crisps
  25. Cabbage taro: Round shaped corn snacks with dried seaweed
  26. Mochi Taro: Salted rice crackers (contain nuts)
  27. Umaibou: Japanese corn puffed snack Takoyaki(Octopus ball) flavor
  28. Umaibou: Japanese corn puffed snack Sugar rusk flavor
  29. Umai tama: Mini cream puff
  30. Shimichoco corn : Sweet corn snack soaked into chocolate